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I'm a filmmaker, editor, animator and photographer. I started filming from a very early age and created TV studio's from paper and tape and full size studio camera's and even a working camera crane in the living room. I've owned many different camera's and also started collecting older television / studio camera's. At one point I owned around 14 of them, with this camera as my favorite in the collection: Click to enlarge picture

Because these things are rare to find, I had a problem saying no when someone offered me a new camera for the collection. But once I had the LDK studio camera with Vinten pedestal, it was time to start selling the other camera's in the collection and create some more room. ;)

I started to edit on a computer at the age of 14 (before that I used a few mixers), and started to create music videos with some friends for fun. One of these music videos actually got aired several times on television on two different stations. One of them was Fox Kids and they also taped an interview with us at their studio. A few years later I also started to get an interest in 3D. The stuff I used to create with paper and tape now could be made digital! At first it was just a hobby for me, but it got more serious once I entered a contest from a new television station to do something special with their logo with film or images. I created a 30 sec. 3D promo and uploaded it to them. Around 10.000 people entered their work and people could vote for their favorite entry's. From day one it made it to the top 10 of submitted videos and stayed their till the end. They also aired it many times on TV and it got a lot of attention. Did I win? Well... yes and no. But that's a whole other story.


This page is still under construction and I will put more info online soon!

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