I'm a filmmaker, photographer, cameraman, 3D animator and graphic designer, and FCP / Premiere / Avid editor.

I've reached 1.5 MILLION views on YouTube and my blog  for photographers and filmmakers has welcomed over 230,000 visitors. My images, videos and animations have been broadcasted  on television and my photographs and graphic designs have been printed, published and used in an Electronic Arts gameA selection of my photographs have been selected by gettyimages, 500px premium and Adobe Stock Premium which is a great honor

My greatest passion in life is creating visuals and capturing the world around me.

Update: here you can see the music video that I created for the talented and famous Dutch female sister vocal group called "OG3NE", who were the first ever group worldwide to win The Voice and also represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a big project to create this music video animation which consists of RL shot footage combined with VR. The set/environment took about three weeks to complete and the studio changes with each separate song of their medley. Enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by!

Here you will find a collection of my work, 3D animations, film and editing work, photographs and graphic designs that I've created. Due to copyright (and trademark) restrictions I'm not able to show all of my work unfortunately. But everything you do see, is created by me and I own all rights to it.

If you wish to utilize some of my work in your project(s) you are more then welcome to contact me directly. However, copying any visual content from this site is strictly prohibited without my given permission. 

Hopefully you will enjoy my videos, photographs and design work as much as I enjoy creating it!