About Derran

Derran is a freelance filmmaker, 3D animator, photographer, graphic designer and editor. He started filming from a very early age and got his first work aired on national television, followed by an interview, by the age of 14. His work got broadcasted again the year after, when he created a new music video with his friend. As a teenager he once participated at a national competition where he got demoted from first prize, because the professional judging panel during state finals strongly believed that Derran had received professional help in creating the entered video. This of course was not the case, but his work was just exceptional for his young age.

Outside of school he would spend much of his time at the television studios in Hilversum and often had to divide his time between doing homework and working in an edit suite where he got asked to help on several projects. 

After graduation he started his own production company and got interested in creating 3D visuals. He entered a big national contest with a 3D animation for a new television station which was started by John de Mol, the creator of Big Brother and The Voice. Over 10,000 people send in their work and the winner was decided by public voting during the course of several weeks ending with a grand final on TV. Within the first week Derran's animation made it to the top 10 and stayed their till the end. His work received a lot of national attention and he was offered a job instantly by one of the largest marketing companies in the Netherlands at the age of 21. Not long ago, this same animation was unexpectedly aired on TV again during an interview with John de Mol at a famous Dutch talkshow.

Over the past few years he further developed his filmmaking and (3D) animation skills and started to get more interest in photography and creating graphic designs as well. He created ads for magazines and for online advertisements and created several large backdrops for booths at NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas. His artwork got published in a book and some of his designs were used in a Xbox and PlayStation game from EA (Electronic Arts). He also got asked by Vinten, a global leader in camera supports, to help them introduce one of their products for the professional market. He created a promotional video and did an extensive review of their product and was quoted in several publications worldwide.

Lately he got more involved in photography as well next to filming. His photography work is being noticed and has been selected by gettyimages, A famous worldwide supplier of stock images for business and consumers worldwide and also got some of his photographs selected for Adobe Stock Premium which is a highly curated collection of hand picked images, sourced from some of the world’s leading photographers and agencies.

Being a jack of all trades and having a passion for creating visuals in any form or shape, has proven him to be a real asset for creating stunning visual work for leading companies over the years.